NetUK 1 - The Inaugural Conference

About NetUK 1

The first NetUK conference took place at IET London: Savoy Place ». This is an in-person conference, however the event was also streamed live.

Our conferences are a place where like-minded professionals can meet, share best practices and new innovations, learn from challenges and success stories, share knowledge with new entrants into the networking community, and forge new connections. For up-to-date information on the event, see NetUK1 ».

Event photos

Photos from NetUK1».

Who Should Attend?

Anyone who is an active participant in Internet operations and the peering community at large. We particularly encourage new entrants, junior engineers/ team members and students to join.

See the list of current participants »

Registration & Online Participation

All tickets have sold out. However, you can can participate remotely by watching the Netuk 1 livestream »

Meeting Agenda

For an up-to-date schedule of the event, see NetUK1 »

NetUK1 Sponsors

We thank all our partners and sponsors for their support!

Host Sponsors

LINX, LONAP and Nominet

Host Sponsors

Event Sponsors

ZPE Systems, Hilco IPv4, PTX Technologies, SG.GS, and Digital Realty

Event Sponsors

Coffee & Lunch Sponsor, Lanyard Sponsor & Associate Sponsors

AtlasEdge, SmartOptics, RIPE,IGX Global,Bogons,, Flexoptix and Star Europe

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